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The windshield is an extremely significant safety feature of a car. It adds strength and durability to its structure and prevents passengers from being removed out of the moving vehicle, in the event of an accident. However, just as any other part of a car, a windshield also goes through its share of intense wear and tear, requiring regular checks, and even a repair or replacement.

Given below are some factors that will help you determine whether to opt for a windshield repair or replacement service.

  • Size: Most chipped front glass can be repaired. However, if it is not repaired in time, chances are, that the small chips will turn into bigger ones. For example, if you are driving on a corrugated gravel road, and end up taking an aggressive turn or hit a big pothole, the damage to the glass may end up being amplified. But, chips larger than 3/8 inches and cracks longer than 3 inches indicate an immediate need for a glass replacement. A large crack can also impact the vision by reflecting the sunlight glare, making it difficult to see clearly what lies ahead on the road.
  • Location: If cracks occur on the edge of the front glass, then the glass must be replaced immediately. Prompt action will decrease the tendency of the cracks to spread quickly. It is also recommended to replace the glass if the chip lies directly in the line of vision of the car’s driver.
  • Timespan: Chips and cracks, both can damage the front glass of a car. Hence, these must be addressed immediately. The longer you ignore the problem, the less likely it becomes to perform a successful repair, ultimately requiring a replacement.

Windshield repair
A timely repair can prove to be extremely useful, and below mentioned are some reasons to help you understand why you should opt for it:

  • Convenience: A small chip or a crack can be repaired within an hour.
  • Cost-effective: Repairs are much more cost-effective as compared to replacements.
  • The insurance advantage: As repairs are far more economical, most insurance companies will waive the deductible and pay for the repair.

Windshield replacement
A windshield makes approximately 60% of the structural integrity of a vehicle. Therefore, opting for a timely repair and replacement service is not just an essential aspect, but can also prove to be cost-effective. Most chips and cracks are easily repaired unless you ignore the issue, which will eventually require you to replace the front glass of the car.

Here are some points to keep in mind while opting for a replacement.

  • Certified technicians: Always ensure to take the car to a certified service center. A service center which employs expert windshield technicians can guarantee a proper replacement.
  • OEM glass: Make sure to opt for an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) glass for installation. Anything which is an OEM equivalent or an aftermarket glass should be avoided, as the latter is a short-term solution, and sometimes, even a dangerous option as far as safety is concerned.
  • Proper fit: There may be instances when the new car glass cannot be installed as accurately as done at the time of the production of the vehicle. Therefore, to avoid such an instance occurring up, make sure that the new one is selected according to the car’s make and model for a proper fit.
  • Adhesive: Urethane adhesives are certified to meet crash test criteria, and they also offer faster drive-away times. The best urethane adhesive is quite expensive as compared to the other adhesives available in the market. But, it is recommended that one chooses quality over cost.

Post installation of the front glass, there are some imperative must-dos that one should keep in mind, and make a note to practice the same. Below mentioned are such precautions:

  • It is not advisable to drive the car until the adhesive is finally dried as it may ruin the results of the replacement work. It is recommended that you follow safe drive-away time as mentioned by the technicians.
  • Do not wash your car before 24 hours as it may damage the seal between the adhesive and the glass.
  • Keep at least one window open to avoid building pressure inside the vehicle, or else it may blow a hole in the front glass, resulting in air and water leaks.

A successful automotive front glass installation complies with 100% manufacturer standards. These standards, when followed precisely, lead to safe installation and prevent the lives of the passengers from being in danger, in the event of a collision. One of the consequences of an improper installation might be excessive noise while driving at a high speed.

To conclude, let’s just say that a car glass repair should be your first option, and unless necessary, should you opt for a replacement service. Although there are scenarios when it becomes mandatory to replace the front glass, it is still suggested to opt for the repair first policy. And of course, no matter the size of the chip or crack, it is highly advisable to get it checked immediately. Always choose certified technicians for the repair and replacement of the front windshield glass.

It is normal for the human beings to try to impress others. Whether it relates to family or friends, or neighbours, or maybe to people we don’t know. Most of the time it’s irrelevant who they impress, as long as they impress others.

People feel empowered when others see them in a good light. People like to be appreciated. They spend lots of time thinking how they’re perceived. It’s normal and natural to most of human beings.

If you have just bought a new house for yourself and your family, or a new neighbour just move it, there is always a desire in peoples’ mind to show yourselves from the best possible side. At the end of a day, good relations with your neighbours are crucial for happy life.

Most of people, especially men, like to have nice cars. They look after them in the best possible way. Cars are their business cards.

Whether you’re arriving at the social event with your car, or trying to stand out from the crowd while promoting your brand, it’s good to have personalised and unique car plates. They will distinguish us from others. They will make people to remember us. Most of us wants other people look at our car and see someone who is successful.

Being well presented with nice outfit is crucial. Driving a nice car is a first step to success. But having unique car plates is essential in the world of social relations.

What is so special with personalised car plates?

Having spoken with an owner of the custom-made car plates, he told me that people choose their own car plates for many different causes. Some wants to feel admired and respected, some wants to show off themselves, some simply wants to hide the age of their car. Reasons are as many as car owners.

Many people think that personalised plates are very expensive and only businessmen and celebrities can afford it. That is not necessary a true. Some companies can offer a great value for money.

Until today I was unaware that there are so many different types of personalised car plates. You may choose one depending on your needs and desires. Starting from name number plates, through different countries, to dateless ones. There are even funny ones too. The choice is yours. Of course, there are regulations forbidding some types of plates, but the dealer will check it for you and advise upon that.

So, if you wish to appear to others as someone who has done well in the world of business, there is nothing on your way to contact a personalised car plates company and ask for their offers. You will be surprised how your life changes.

We all know what a Formula One car looks like. We also know that there is always experimentation done on the different models to test out any new engineering advancement. Above all, how does a Formula One car work and do they have a clutch available to change the gears?

The clutch of a Formula One car can be located between the engine and the vehicle’s gearbox. The clutch uses Carbon-Carbon (C/C) plates that are operated with electro-hydraulics. The system uses a computer that monitors and matches the revolutions and gears when the driver decides to change gears.

Because the motorsport is so intense, the clutch had to be tempered to withstand heat up to 260 degrees Celsius. However, the temperature often rises higher than that because of the friction caused and the speed that the vehicle is going.

So where is the clutch pedal located?

The pedals to control the clutch are located at the back of the steering wheel where the paddle shifts are. The paddle shifts are often used on high performance cars. Gearing up uses the paddle on the right and gearing down uses the paddle on the left hand side of the steering wheel.

Engaging and releasing the clutch uses a computer system. The computer powers it most of the drive except when the driver has to pull away from a stationary position. When pulling away from a complete stop position the pre-set clutch pedal will release automatically. It will also slowly release the second clutch paddle that is located on the opposite side of the steering wheel.

During the warm ups before the actual race begins the driver has to find the point where the car will “catch” or “bite”. Once the driver feels the catch, he will have to apply throttle to increase the revs the car makes until he eventually pulls away. Once he feels the catch he will have to manually release the clutch as the car simultaneously accelerates.

When the gear needs to be changed, the driver will flick the clutch and the car will electronically switch the ratio of the gear. Changing gears in a Formula One car takes 5 milliseconds.

The clutch kit is important in the Formula One car. It helps the driver to increase speed and also tests brand new technology that we could be looking forward to in the future. The clutch is also helpful to the engineers to see at which point the car reaches maximum torque for quick acceleration from the start line or pit stop.

Washing your automobile is a very important task to do if you want to keep up with your automobile the correct way. Washing your car regularly will help keep the paint and clear coat on the body in shape. A car that has not been washed or maintained on a weekly basis will start to get a build up of pollen, dirt, or tree sap that has accumulated on the paint surface.

In addition to the build up and other substances on the paint on your body, the underside of your car is also at risk. Many people are not aware of how dirty the undercarriage of an automobile can get. It is very crucial that users clean and wash the underside of their car or truck. There are a lot of cars, either new or used that have drainage plugs on the underside of their car that needs clearing regularly. If a car or truck owner ignores cleaning the undercarriage and chassis, a large amount of rust and other debris can build up, a problem which could cause bigger issues in the long run.

It is very important to know that a wash or cleaning isn’t something that happens every couple months are so, washing your car should be something that should be done on a more frequent basis. Cleaning your car is especially important if you live in an area with a large amount of annual snow fall or live close to the beach and your car is exposed to salt air. When your car has been exposed to either heavy snow or salty conditions, the cleaning process must happen even more often to make sure the automobile stays in good shape.

At the end of the day, the most important part to keeping your car clean and keeping it in good condition is to keep or hold the car’s value. As a car starts to get dirty and be neglected of cleaning the value can start to decrease very quickly. Many car buyers are looking for a well-maintained and overall clean car when they are in the market for a buying a used car. Even if the car is an older model, if the car is taken care of properly then it is worth more. Not only do you want to keep your car or truck in good shape for resale, but driving a clean automobile leads to much satisfaction.